Why Swanson Natural

Swanson Natural began with an idea to provide 100% All Natural and Organic Certified products to our friends and families. Word of mouth spread quickly, demand increased, and we started to see a growing need within our community for a healthy alternative to conventional meat products. That's when we decided to launch our website and make our products available to everyone.

Swanson Natural is dedicated to providing our customers with premium all natural and organic products. We understand the importance of eating healthy and the benefits it brings to our customers. Rest assured that when purchasing products from Swanson Natural, you will be purchasing nothing but the best.

Swanson Natural has partnered with Swanson Meats Inc. as our preferred vendor of choice. Swanson Meats is a premium wholesale foodservice provider. Swanson Meats is currently the largest independently owned and operated foodservice provider in Minneapolis, MN. With 50+ years of experience, and the buying power of a large business, Swanson Meats is a key component to our success.

Swanson Natural is the most recent addition to a generational family span, in which all members were dedicated to providing local communities with all natural and organic products.

  • 1st Generation - Grandfather - Local Farmer & Business Owner
  • 2nd Generation - Father - President of Swanson Meats - Wholesale Food Service
  • 3rd Generation - Son - President of Swanson Natural - Retail Food Service

Swanson Natural is a company you can trust to provide you with outstanding all natural and organic products. We take great pride in everything we do and it is our goal to provide our customers with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience. If there is anything we can assist you with, feel free to contact us!

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