Our Story

Farmer Focused Since 1962

Our story begins with my grandfather, a farmer, who had a vision in mind to establish a wholesale meat company that would specialize in premium all natural hand cut products. With his goal in reach, Swanson Meats was established. After 50 years of business, and three generations later, we can proudly say that his vision is still at the forefront of everything we do.

Swanson Natural was created with a parallel concept in mind, to provide premium all natural and organic products to our retail customers.


Family Owned & Operated

Swanson Natural is family owned and locally operated in Minneapolis, MN. Throughout the years, Swanson Meats [business partner of Swanson Natural] has grown to become Minnesota’s largest family owned and operated foodservice company.

As a family company we understand how important it is for our economy to be healthy and growing. That is why we have worked hard to make sure we are doing our part. By reinvesting into our economy, participating in sustainable farming practices, and donating 10% or more to local charities.




Professionally Hand Cut Products

Swanson Natural features professionally hand cut products. Each hand cut product is looked over to ensure consistent quality and excellence. We take pride in what we do and taking an extra step to ensure quality is what we are all about.

Rest assured that we will never jeopardized our reputation as a premium meat company by compromising our quality. Swanson Natural is a company you can trust.


Our Reputation

Since 1962, Swanson Meats [business partner of Swanson Natural] has been servicing the Twin Cities finest restaurants and hotels with premium quality products. Swanson Meat’s steaks and burgers have brought multiple awards and recognition to their customers. These same award willing products are now available through Swanson Natural, and are delivered direct to your front door.

Our mission is to provide our customers with premium all natural and organic products, combined with a professional commitment to customer service & product quality.



Our award winning products demonstrate our dedication to excellence in quality. Swanson Meats [business partner of Swanson Natural] has had over 30 of their customers featured on a “Best Burger List.” In fact, in 2010 CBS released their “Top 10 Burger List” in the Twin Cities, and 7 out of 10 restaurants were using Swanson Meats products.

Swanson Meat’s exceptional steaks have brought recognition and awards to several fine dining restaurants within the Twin Cities. Rest assured when buying from Swanson Natural, that you aren’t just purchasing a common steak from your local butcher shop. You will receive professionally hand cut, restaurant grade steaks that will not leave you disappointed.



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