What Makes A Burger Great?

Cheese Burger Wood BackgroundCheeseburgers are an American classic enjoyed by many and have long been a family favorite. However, not all burgers are alike. In fact, burgers can vary greatly in taste, fat content and beefy flavor. In this post we will do our best to explain to you what it takes to create a great burger.

First off, the most important factor in creating a great tasting burger is to understand that what you put in is what you get out. Many of you have most likely heard of "pink slime" otherwise known as partially defatted beef tissue. Many large companies used "pink slime" in their ground beef up until a couple of years ago when media outlets exposed "pink slime" for what it was and educated the American people. However, be aware that several of these companies are starting to use "pink slime" again in order to lower their costs.

At Swanson Natural we understand the importance of eating healthy and using only all natural products in our grinds. Our award winning burgers have never contained "pink slime" and never will. We strongly believe in using only the best beef trimmings for grinding when creating our burgers.

Secondly, you need to understand how the flavor of a burger can be affected by the type of beef used. At Swanson Natural we use only the freshest beef trimmings available for our burgers. Many other companies will use frozen beef trimmings to create their burgers, simply because its cheaper. However frozen beef trimmings do not offer the same results as fresh ground beef as proven by our award winning burgers.

Last but not least, burgers vary in fat content and leanness. The most common burger contains 80% beef and 20% fat. This combination creates a beefy flavor that is enjoyed by many. However, we recommend an 85/15 lean burger combination to limit the amount of fat content. These burgers will still taste great and are healthier for you.


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