About Us

Swanson Natural began with an idea to provide 100% All Natural and Organic products to our friends and families. Word of mouth spread quickly, demand increased, and we started to see a growing need within our community for a healthy alternative to conventional meat products. That's when we decided to launch our website and make our products available to everyone.

We are a family run business, 3 generations in the making. We pride ourselves on working hard and supplying our customers with some of the best product they’ve ever tasted!

Swanson Natural has partnered with Swanson Meats, Minnesota’s largest independently owned wholesale foodservice company. Swanson Meats has been servicing Minnesota’s finest restaurants and hotels with premium all natural and organic meat for over 50 years. With the combined buying power & expertise of a large wholesale company, and our professional commitment to service & product quality, Swanson Natural is posed to preform.

Key Company Principles:

  • To provide our customers with 100% Premium All Natural & Organic Products.
  • To take pride in animal treatment & care.
  • To support local farmers demonstrating sustainable farming practices.
  • Never jeopardize our reputation by compromising our quality.
  • Always strive to be a socially responsible company by:
    • Giving back to local charities and organizations.
    • Helping to feed people in need.
    • Lending a helping hand to others.

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