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About Swanson Natural

Swanson Natural began with an idea to provide 100% All Natural products to our friends and families. Word of mouth spread quickly, demand increased, and we started to see a growing need within our community for a healthy alternative to conventional meat products. That's when we decided to launch our website and make our products available to anyone. Thanks for considering Swanson Natural!

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Why All Natural

All natural products are not only better for you, but for the animals as well. Animals were designed to roam free and feed on pasture, which is why studies have shown that animals raised on pasture are leaner and healthier. All natural products is our speciality, and we're certain you’ll love our all natural products once you give them a try. One thing we know for sure is that our friends and families sure do!

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Family Owned & Operated

As a family owned business we understand how important it is to provide healthy and wholesome products to our customers. Considering, Swanson Natural is used by many of our friends and family we feel an obligation to provide them and you with nutritious and great tasting products. We have worked hard to source and find products that live up to our high standards, and we are happy to share them with you.

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